A Path to a Balanced, More Satisfying Life

Practice Focus:

I have a general therapy practice, serving adult individuals and couples with a variety of concerns.

I want to help clients have a more satisfying life by exploring past and present concerns in a supportive, professional environment.

My areas of focus include:

  1. Anxiety

  2. Depression

  3. Marital/couples

  4. Loss and Grief 

  5. Life Adjustment and Trauma

  6. Other Mood Disorders


  1. CBT

  2. Relaxation & Breathing

  3. Solution Focused

  4. Effective Communication

  5. Coping Skills

  6. Mindfulness

  7. Daily 5 Life Skills

  8. Problem Solving Techniques

Linda L. Anderson MS LMHC

3280 California Avenue SW. #B7
Seattle, WA 98116

Email: lindalanderson11@gmail.com


Monday through Thursday

Afternoons and Evenings
Telehealth Practice

Payment Option
Accept several insurance types

Cash, Check, Credit Card, Some Electronic. Due at time of service
Except for Employee Assistance Programs


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