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A Path to a Balanced, More Satisfying Life

Practice Focus:

I have a general therapy practice, serving adult individuals and couples with a variety of concerns.

I want to help clients have a more satisfying life by exploring past and present concerns in a supportive, professional environment.

My areas of focus include:

  1. Anxiety

  2. Depression

  3. Marital/couples

  4. Loss and Grief 

  5. Life Adjustment and Trauma

  6. Other Mood Disorders


  1. CBT

  2. Relaxation & Breathing

  3. Solution Focused

  4. Effective Communication

  5. Coping Skills

  6. Mindfulness

  7. Daily 5 Life Skills

  8. Problem Solving Techniques

Linda L. Anderson MS LMHC

3400 Harbor Avenue Southwest #246
Seattle, WA 98126


Monday through Thursday

Afternoons and Evenings
In-office and limited telehealth

Payment Option
Accept several insurance types

Cash, Check or Google Pay, due at time of service
Except for Employee Assistance Programs


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